I and I will survive...

...with a little help from Pepto Bismol.
August is International Canned Beer Month. I did the (domestic) world tour of canned beers at the Triple Rock last night. I'm paying the price for it this morning. Gawd, I thought Premium was gross. Fat Cat goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to crappy beer. Like Matt says, "Premium has about two cups of sugar per 16oz. Fat Cat has the same amount but it's brown sugar." Gee-Ross!

Randumb thizzought: I hate Jesus music. However, I love reggae. Speaking of reggae; the new Bad Brains album, To Build A Nation, is pretty deec. Especially the reggae songs. I've been rocking it on the regular. Sometimes I wish I looked as cool as Jamaican dudes do.


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