Dont get caught with my...er, your pants down.

Actual email a friend of mine received and then forwarded to me:

My name is Shamus. My wife, Lacey, was in St. Paul in June. She is from Springfield Mo and is part of their slam poetry team. While there, I have reason to believe she participated in some sort of sexual activity while at a party of one of your team members. We are currently engaged in a divorce. I was hoping you might be able and willing to give me details of whatever she did at the party.
Thank you,

*names have been changed to protect the ridiculousness*

Funny text sent to me:

I just got my picture snapped unknowingly whilst peeing in Central Park @ a Black Crows free gig. Do u know what website I'll be able to find it on???


R U up for anything tonight or did the anal butt probe render you useless?

And another:

So sometime this week do u actually want to DO something & then get naked? Or just let me give you a bj and stick random things in your ass. Whatever works.

Re:-All of the above

Re:Re:-So I can stick a large zucchini up your ass?

ahhh yeeeah, maybe not...

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