Head Nod Ish

Paid Dues Festival slash Tour hit Mpls last week. 8+ hours of bobbing your head inside First Avenue is a long time...but it's worth it. As the brain child of Murs (Living Legends, FELT); Paid Dues boasts an amazing line up. A nearly overwhelming amount of top talent from the indie scene took turns rocking the mic: Lucky I Am (Living Legends), Hangar 18, Blueprint, Grouch & Eligh (Living Legends), Mr. Lif (w/Akrobatic as the Perceptionists), Cage (w/ Yak Ballz as the Weathermen), Brother Ali (w/ Toki Wright), Sage Francis, FELT (Slug & Murs) and the Living Legends. Brother Ali rocked the hardest (and longest), as did Sage Francis. My favorites were Cage, FELT and the Legends. I took a crap-ton of pix. Unfortunately I'm not quite used to all the settings on my camera and therefore non of them really turned out that great. Here is the best of what I got...and it aint that good...

Mr. Lif (on some wierd ish) and Akrobatic: The Perceptionists.

Cage and Yak Ballz: The Weathermen

Sage Francis

First Avenue party people

Brother Ali, Toki Wright & BK One
Murs and Slug: FELT

the Living Legends

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