Minnesota fuckers!

Soumi Hills camping trip-last weekend.
6 dudes, 3 canoes, 3 nights, 3 pounds of bacon

Power Hour with our new buddies @ Richies Inn, Marcell. Jocko on the far left and his son Benny on the far right. Before we left, Benny gave us some jerky that Jocko made. We thought it might have been human. He got a little offended. We ate it on the way back to camp. I can now say I've maybe eaten human. Thanks Benny.

Back at camp-1st night. Ridiculousness continues...

First morning and lookin' rough already. (Slept in the bed of a pick-up truck.)

Back @ Richies-night 2. This 54 yr old beauty was wasted. She was the day bartender and had been drinking since she got off. I jokingly asked where we could get some meth. She was like "Duh, Bigfork." That's where I went to high school, just down the road. Not sure if that's funny or sad...the meth part. Timmer danced with her

Hey, look who's back. This time he gave us smoked fish. Pretty sure it wasn't human fish.

Day 2

"Mountain Feast" No, there are not mountains in MN...but there are mountains of bacon!

Rain got us a little down and we all took naps longer than most nights of sleep. Then we got up around 11 and ate and drank til dawn.

Hot Dog Days!!!

Great weekend. Only in Minnesota fuckers.