Listen up turkeynecks!!!

I remember as a little shit coming down to Mpls from up north to visit relatives. Me and my brother were always excited to be in the big city. Most importantly though, we'd get to watch TV. Every saturday morning my uncle Jazz would plop us down in front of the tv and open our eyes to the kick-assness that is Professional Wrestling. AWA's All-Star Wrestling was the genises. We'd take turns tagging in and pounding on Jazz during the commercial breaks. Anyway, what got me started on all this is the passing of The Crusher last Satuday. He was one of the original tough guys of the AWA. A snarling old codger with a cigar in his mouth and a beer in hand; he cut the best promos...and he'd kick yer ass too! I'll throw one back for ya Crusher. R.I.P.

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