Okay, I figured it out

Its Hits From the 80's or something. I had to ask. Bobby Brown's Every Little Step is on right now. Still love this song. I was a huge mark for Bobby Brown when I was younger. The video for this song is HI-larious. Especially the little suspenders and bike shorts outfit he wears in part of it. Before this they played Tears For Fears-Shout. Back in grade school in Deer River @ King Elementary, my buddies made up their own lyrics for it that went something like "Trout, Trout, these are the fish that I dream about." Like I said, it was grade school. Which reminds me of my alternate lyrics for Bon Jovi-Shot Through the Heart. "Shot with a fart and your to blame. You gave my underwear a brown stain." Yeah, good stuff. Just one thing though. My lyrics would imply that this person was wearing my underwear. Hmmmm, may have to retool that one a little bit. This station plays a lot of Prince and I, of course, have no problem with that. Roy Orbison was just singing about having his mind set on me. Well I'm not surprised. Most people do. Yes, the Clash...again..whoops, not the Clash. The Alarm-the Stand. "Come on down and meet your maker. Come on down and make the stand." Good song. What's next?...The Eurythimics! Here Comes the Rain Again. My brother and I used to have the record that this was from, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), on vinyl. B52s "roam if you want to.." I do in fact want to roam. I'm gonna get some coffee now...

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