Spin the Black Circle-Part 3: Shits & Giggles

In case you missed it and for some reason you care, here are parts 1 & 2... And now for the third installment:

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Third World is the Arsenio Hall show back in the early 90s. I would watch that show every night when we stayed with my Dad in the summers. The first time I ever heard of Third World was when Arsenio hyped them and did his little "whoof-whoof-whoof" circle fist thing. Man I used to love that show. I wanted to be down with black people so bad. Anyway, this is not really the best reggae album but it has it's moments. Worth the spare change that it cost me though. "Whoof-Whoof!"

Until I got this I was unfamiliar with Ras Michael but dang, this shit is nice! Dubbed out reggae with heavy emphasis on percussion. Each side has that thing where the record doesn't stop spinning at the end but you cant tell right away because it just keeps playing the final beat over and over. (Which works really well for dub.) So if you're in the right frame of mind (ahem) or passing out to it, you don't catch it for awhile. Super happy with this purchase.

Oh man, I had to get it. When I was in jr. high I was loving hip hop and "new jack swing" type R&B. New Edition man. This was after Bobby Brown split for a solo career and before NE broke up to spawn Bell-Biv-DeVoe and solo gigs for Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill. (All of whom played Arsenio Hall's show) And who could forget guilt by association acts like Another Bad Creation and Boyz II Men(also played on the Arsenio Hall show.) I loved the fashion too. So funny to look at now but back then haters was calling me "wigger" for imitating NE's flavor. Those Jordans Ricky Bell is sporting are still hot.

I used to hate ACDC in highschool. All the mullet head-cigarette smoking-Mt. Dew chugging "shop rats" would write it on the back of their jean jackets. A lot of them were pricks to me so I associated that with what really is (or was) a great fucking band. Actually I never really hated ACDC. I just hated the fuckers in my home town that idolized them. Not anymore though. It's all love now. This is good shit.

There were so many Krokus records at Cheapo that I had a hard time picking which one to get. I went with cover art. Love those half skull faces. This one is from 1983. Stand and be Counted and Eat the Rich are on here.

I'm pretty much ready to start playing parties and openings or whatever. I spin the sweetest mix of punk 7inches, oddball reggae, 80's hair metal and not-so-great pop records you'll ever drink to. Get at me. Put the needle on the record...

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