What the...

??? I'm @ work (of course. What better time to blog?) and the Muzak station is playing Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. I may have to get up and go stand under the speaker. I'm the only one here besides the maintenance guy so nobody should catch me dancing. Not sure how I feel about one of my favorite songs ever being broadcast on Muzak station but I'll take it over the new age, best of Yanni type shit we normally have on here. Oh wait, now the B52s!? Ahhhhh, I get it. Someone must have switched channels last night. Wonder what's next...?...INXS. "All we got is this moment...so slide over here...you're one of my kind...I need you tonight." (Funny, that's what I tell all the ladies.) This "station" must be Retroactive 80's or Adult Alternative or something. Oh weird, now its Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al. I'm not much for Paul Simon but I like some of the tracks, like this one, from Graceland because he recorded with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I think I saw Ladysmith (without Simon) at the Winnipeg Folk Fest many years ago. Notorious. Yes! Duran Duran. Did you know Duran Duran got there name from the villain in a really old sci-fi movie called Barbarella? Dr. Durand Durand. I never knew that until I saw the movie a few years ago. For weeks I would walk around imitating him, saying "Deeuwrand, deeuwrand" to anyone that would listen. And the hits keep on commin'. The Ramones, Rock-n-Roll High School. Yeah, this is definitely better than Yanni. I got to see the Ramones one time. It was back in the 90's at Edge Fest in Somerset, WI. It was raining and cold all day but I didn't care. CJ was playing bass and Marky was on drums. I remember they played Wart Hog, which is one of my favorites. An R.E.M. song was just playing while I was on the phone. I forget which one already but it was an old one. Probably from Document or Green. Good stuff. Then the Stray Cats. Now Phil Collins. "Billy, billy don't you lose my number Cos you're not anywhere that I can find you." Ha, remember when Phil Collins was on an episode of Miami Vice as a heel character? (That's a wrestling term. "Heels" are the enemies of the "baby faces." Ya know "good guys and bad guys." Anyway, Collins was a bad guy.) OK, maybe this is just a straight 80's station because I don't see anything "alternative" about Collins and now they are playing ABBA. Yuck! Still, at least there is no Yanni. I actually used to listen to Yanni when I was in high school. Shocking, I know. Catch your breathe; I'm about to explain why. I had a girlfriend that was into him for some reason. She would put...oh I gotta interrupt...now they are playing the Clash and all is right in cube land...OK, where was I? Oh yeah, so the chick liked Yanni. She would always put it on after we had sex for like the millionth time that day. I think it was her way of trying to get me to fall asleep and not pound her anymore. So pretty much I had to listen to Yanni all the time back then.

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