Cregos Con Ojos Negros: Chicago-Epilogue

I’ve processed some of the photos from the trip to Chicago for Apocolypticrust. I have now had some time to reflect as well. I was a little frustrated (to say the least) by my trips to and from Chicago, on the MegaBus. Let’s just say there is no predicting what’s going to happen and you probably have just a good a chance of getting on the bus whether you’ve paid for a ticket or not. You may have to give the driver directions as well. Seriously, what the fuck? Other than Joe and his two friends, I was given fairly poor directions from most everyone I encountered in Chicago. Sometimes even being sent in the total opposite direction of what I was looking for. Like, even Lake Michigan! Go figure; the three people that are transplants from other cities know their way around better than the locals. At least in my experience. I was amazed at and impressed by the number of Spanish speaking people at the festival. Speaking of the fest; aside from people smoking indoors, overall I am more than pleased. I got to see a few favorite bands and a whole slew of new ones. Also, 20 some bands spread over two days at just 15 bucks is a steal. It cost me more just to get to and form the shows. Damn cabs! I will figure out a way to get my bicycle there next time. I can’t thank Joe enough for his hospitality and generosity. It’s nice to have a comfortable place to crash out after an exhausting day. Next trip I will plan more time for hanging out with him. All in all it was a good experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Perhaps there will be Apocoypticrust II? I hope so. Here is some thee.ography:

This is the breakfast I made for myself @ home, before leaving.

This is Joe.

He lives in Chicago.

These are his cats.

This is his apartment.

This is his back yard.

This is his neighborhood.

I went to Chicago and the only slices of pizza I had were New York style.

But I did get to enjoy Hot Dog Days!!!-Chicago style....with no relish! Therefore, not real Chicago Dogs.

Also had some excellent Mexican food. Like, way too much for one sitting. Soooo good.

Aplocolypticrust Festival. Lighting was horrible for pics (at least for my camera) so I gave up.

A more comprehensive overview of Apocolypticrust can be found here and here.

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