File Under: I Wish I Could Do That

Nope, can't do that.

Well as most of us here in the midwest know, the weather is starting to change. Bike rides are a little cooler now. I actually had to ride wearing a scarf and gloves the other night. In fact, my normal riding gloves aren't quite doing the trick. Perhaps it's time to invest in some warmer ones. I love riding this time of the year. It's fun blowing through the piles of leaves lining the gutters. I'm rounding up some boys for a good ole booze cruise~city session soon. Looking forward to riding with my homie L-Train. He's been racing BMX all summer. Plus he's not afraid to launch of some shit either. Matt TXP and I will probably just watch as he and Jase kill themselves. This is also a good time to take out the mt bike and hit some trails. There are usually a few less riders out and with the leaves down you can occasionally spot some wildlife. I just about had a head on with a deer last year at Lebanon Hills. Plus the trails get harder as the ground gets colder and that equals a much faster ride. Anyway, for more stuff I can't do, check out my buddy Ben. He's a fucking amazing touring machine.

ps-I can't rap either. I'll leave that to the professionals:

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