Randumb Thizoughts

dumb, dumb, dumb...I miss the old KMOJ. The late 80's slash early 90's one...I wonder if I'd continue listening to Rev 105 if it was still around?...B96 is horrible. "We R Hip Hop" If that's hip hop, I don't want none...I got two words for everybody that listens to the Current: RADIO K!...seeing KG in a Celtics jersey hurts, but I aint mad at him. He's still my man...Brother Ali was on Late Night last Friday. If you read his lips, you can see him tell Conan that the back-up band is Mint Condition. Gotta love Ali...New favorite morning drink: a blend of black and green tea with a few drops of honey...I'm lovin' me some 'rap music'. I'm bumpin' Grayskul~Bloody Radio on the regular. Like almost daily. Couple years old but new to me is Jaylib~Champion Sound and Three 6 Mafia~Da Unbreakables. Also diggin' the new Kanye too. Love that song about "My big brother was Big's brother. Used to be Dame and Big's brother."... 7 inches on regular rotation in my bedroom: Intifada, Kvoteringen/Pisschrist~split, Cross Examination~Hung Jury, Dropdead/Totalitar~split...Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death~Dead Rhythm always ends up in my CD player. Plays well, next to the Rabbit Ears ep. Speaking of Spencer Moody...Murder City Devils reunion in Austin, TX first weekend of November. The Evil Twin and I will be there...WWE gets the bozack, TNA gets the gas face. ROH people!...Next PPV I'm droppin' cash on: UFC 79~Nemesis. Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes and Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell...I'm hungry; get me some pizza!

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