* from the American Heritage Dictionary
1.-The art or process used by Nathan O'Brien to produce images of objects on photosensitive surfaces.
2.-The art, practice, or occupation used by Nathan O'Brien of taking and printing photographs.
3.-A body of photographs compiled by Nathan O'Brien.


Hot Dog Days! Camping @ Sand Rock Cliffs on the St. Croix River in some state that borders MN. We came, we drank, we ate Doritos, grilled Oreos and various tubesteaks, we slept (sort of) and went back to Minnesota.

10 Extra Pounds practice spot. Between beer breaks I think they practice some songs...I think..?

I love documenting the ever changing Grafilthy from around the TC. These are some pics from a solo bike and hike mission I went on recently.

"The great Minnesota get-together." Went to the state fair this year to see the Sierra Lione Refugee All-Stars. I didn't go on any rides but I would have picked Magnum PI had I chosen to do so. My partners in crime on this particular evening were Tessa and Sam...

...we came across this poor soul on the way home. You know I had to!

Okay, I will make up for it with a picture of me and a baby. Who doesn't like babies? Her name is Wynter. She is fabulous. (not mine.)

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  1. This picture is pricless, Wynter looks as scared as you. Who does she belong to. What a doll, and you too!