Much Adeiu About Nothing

Weekend has come and gone and I didn't do shit. I aint mad about it though. I’ve been hella busy with weddings, and family and friends for quite some time now so it was nice to revel in slackness for once.

I got the chance to watch a little cable television at a friend’s house. We wasted several hours watching Rad Girls on Fuse. I didn't even know this program existed before Saturday. It is 3 cute girls doing a watered down Jackass routine. One of my favorite skits was X-Rated Mimes. The girls were dressed up appropriately and out on the street miming suicide, drug use, and of course, X-rated material. Can I Fart in Your Mouth was also very entertaining. As was No Bathroom Break Van, in which the girls were to ride in the back of a van, drinking gallons water and peeing in buckets. The winner would be the one with the most urine in her bucket at the end of the hour or so long trip. By the end of the skit, not only was there piss in the buckets but puke and poop as well. Quality television. I am amazed at, and slightly turned by how easily these chicks get naked in front of each other. During the skit that hooked me in, one of them screamed “My anus is on fire!” as she was taking a bath in a tub filled with hot sauce. Most of it was quite horrible but I couldn't stop watching. There was a pubic hair burrito at one point that was near hurl inducing. I am ten times dumber than I was before watching this show. However.., I have found my new crush! Her name is Ramona Cash and she is h to the o-t, HOT! Unfortunately after Googling her name today, I have come to find out she is married. This is the lucky dude. Dang.

Locked my keys in the car on Saturday night. Thanks to a friend of a friend who’s now a friend (get it?) and her AAA card, I didn't have to break the window or pay an outrageous amount of money. Felt like a dipshit though.

After the key in car debacle I rented a couple flicks from the Redbox and grabbed two roller dinks from SA (Hot Dog Days!!!) and headed home for more relaxing. I hate supporting the Redbox but I’m in thrift mode (saving for upcoming trips) and it’s cheap. I got UFC 69-Shoot out and Tenacious D-The Pick of Destiny. Shootout wasn't the best UFC event I’ve seen but at least I got to see Diego Sanchez lose (even if it was to Josh Koscheck) and I now appreciate Matt Serra more than I used to, as he knocked out George St.Pierre. I'm a GSP fan but I did enjoy seeing the underdog knock him out. BTW-Holy shit, Thales Leites is good! I am not really a Tenacious D fan but I do like the abundant use of the F-word in their songs. The Pick of Destiny was not as good as I was hoping. I tried to watch it twice and fell asleep half way through both times. That’s my review.

Sunday, I made myself breakfast and caught up on a few weeks worth of the local rags (City Pages, Vita.mn and the Onion) and the newsletter, while fake watching the Vikes-Packers game. Every time I look at the TV, Brett Favre is completing passes for 1st downs and TDs. Christ, Vikings do something! Aw fuck it no use getting worked up. Finished up the day with more television. Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy and American Dad. Sunday night tradition.

Next weekend promises to be quite a bit different.

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