one day on the road...

..and we're already wrecked.

Jason and I. Take bus from LeChatNoir to light rail. Take light rail to airport. Some confusion as to what tram goes where. Stoners. Take tram to terminal. There is a super hot chick standing next to us. Jason notices that she has a small piece of white string stuck to the back of her black pants. Take plane to Denver. The girl sitting next to me may or may not be an idiot savant. She's listening to her music and doing weird math equations on napkins. Sometimes giggles to herself. There are tv screens on the back of the seats in front of us, displaying the elevation and speeds at which the plane is traveling. She keeps pointing at the numbers every time something changes and giggles some more. Strange. Cowboy Bar, Denver airport. Coors Lights and Stoli Sevens. Waiting for our next flight. Hot chick from Mpls is going to be on this flight too. Jason becomes quite frustrated when he sees she still has the same small white string on the back of her black pants. He considers telling her about it but we decide it would be more entertaining to see if the small white string makes it to Austin, still stuck to the back of her black pants. Take plane to Austin. We're now in Texas and we can tell. When Jason is in the bathroom I spot the hot chick from Mpls. She still has the small white string stuck to the back of her black pants. She is fantastically hot, but this string has become an annoyance at this point. I tell Jason about it while she is in the bathroom and he decides that if its still there after her ladies room visit, that he must tell her. She comes out and of course the small white string is still stuck to the back of her black pants. We do a semi-stalking move and round back so that we will be approaching her from behind. Jason goes in. "Ahhh, excuse me." She is quite receptive and has a huge smile when she asks whats up. Jason continues. "You've had this really small white string on the back of your black pants for awhile now and its really starting to irritate me. It's been there since Minneapolis." She has a humongous smile now and says he should of told her earlier. "How embarrassing." Then she turns her butt to him in a semi-strippersque move and asks "Do I have anything else on my ass?" We walk next to her for a while. I can't stop giggling. fast forward a few hours. My sister and her rad friends take us to get tacos. Mmmmhmmmm muy bueno. Then its off to a super hipster place called the Peacock. We all make fun of the DJs and the scenesters. "Ironic 80's music isnt so ironic anymore. Ironic mullets aren't so ironic anymore either." There seems to be some kind of drama between my sister's friends and a member of the Latin Queens. The chick keeps showing us her LQ tattoo to itimidate us. I pretend I don't know whats going on so I don't have to deal with it. The DJ girl, dressed like Wilma Flinstone, keeps staring at me so I decide to go talk to her. I ixnay that plan mid aproach when I realize she has a Tammy Faye type make-up job that I didnt notice from a distance. Negro Modelo, Lone Star, Stoli Seven, some strange drink called a Tail-feather, various shots. We all get really, really hammered. More tacos. Bed.

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