From here, it looks like..

...Isaac Brock and I wear the same jeans. We also have a similar hair cut and both of us sport a hunter's cap from time to time as well...as does bass player Eric Judy. These are a couple of observations made from my vantage point, during tonight's Modest Mouse concert at the Orpheum Theater. I'm in the second row, behind the orchestra pit. Here are some more observations: Watching multi instrumentalist Tom Peloso in action is a real treat. Being this close to the stage, you can really see that his contribution is as much a defining factor of the band's sound as Brock's guitar playing is. Among other things, he's playing upright bass, violin, trumpet, acoustic guitar and some form of the keys. He even slaps his leg along to the tunes when he's not banging a tambourine or something. Perhaps this is residual behaviour stemming from his bluegrass background. (He was one of the founding members of The Hakensaw Boys.) Judy is cool as ever too. Although primarily a bass player, he does his part playing a few other instruments as well. Those of which include an accordion and a pump organ. He and Peloso switch guitar and bass on at least one song tonight. They have two drummers, but I can only see one. There is quite a diverse crowd here. Literally all ages of people. There are a couple older gentleman rocking out in the orchestra pit. That's awesome! As can be predicted, plenty of people sporting sweaters, blazers, hipster hats, scarves, etc. You know, the indie-rock slash preppy-grunge look that has become synonymous with Modest Mouse these days. I should point out here, that, sans the blazer, I pretty much just described exactly what I'm wearing this evening. I remember thinking the last time I saw them, that most of the audience dressed like they were in the band. I would say the same thing tonight. Johnny Marr is over there doing his thing. Rocking back and forth on his toes; guitar slung low. He's switching guitars in between every song. The guitar tech is earning his keep tonight. J-Sho just texted me to say she forgot to tape RAW. I'll manage. At times Isaac looks like he's going to explode. What's holding him back, I wonder? He's looks like he's having an internal battle between menacing Isaac and delicate Isaac. I hope menacing Isaac wins. Oh yes, he's got a crazed look in his eyes. I'm literally willing him to lose it during Tiny Cities. He's screaming "Does anybody know a way that a body could get away. Does anybody know a way?!" I do. Lose it man, lose it. Come on man, lose it! The rest of the band seems to be aware that this is a possibility. They are all glancing at each other with knowingly concerned looks. I've heard the stories about him cutting himself on stage and bashing his face with the mic. I'd love to see that right now. I'm happy with what I've seen so far. If it ends now because of some spastic, self mutilating behaviour, I'm cool with that. Dang man, no such luck. This still rules. Crowd is going nuts for the encore. We all know they will come back to play more but the audience is acting like it's a life and death situation. One fan in particular is standing on his chair at the front of the stage, facing the rest of the theater, throwing his arms in the air begging for louder cheering. That's pretty cool. I'm smiling. I just finished my third Heineken tall boy. They do come back, of course. Isaac mumbles something about "the cops shutting this place down in 20 minutes." At least I think that's what he said. He mumbles worse than me on the phone with some chick. And if you've ever been some chick on the phone with me, then you know hard it is to decipher what he just said. They play three more songs. During the final song, Spitting Venom, Isaac does some vocals from I Came As A Rat and we all get excited, thinking we're getting another song. Nope. Just a tease. It's all aces with me man. I'm satisfied. Good show.

setlist: (out of order-sorry)
Bury Me With It
Paper Thin Walls
Satin In A Coffin
Fire It Up
Tiny Cities
Here It Comes
We've Got Everything
Fly Trapped In A Jar
Float On
King Rat
Trailer Trash
The View
Black Cadillacs
Talking Shit
Spitting Venom (I Came As A Rat-lyric tease)

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  1. I'm glad that you've moved on from the Fred Durst backwards hat days to looking like a cooler person now. How's the cheese here? Oh, it's better at Kowalski's?