"I'm all lost in the supermarket...

...I can no longer shop happily. I came in here for that special offer. A guaranteed personality." -the Clash

I keep finding myself standing alone. In the corner. Even when I'm amongst a crowd of people I know. What's wrong with me? I'm all lost... Every conversation I walk into is one in which I cannot contribute. Every conversation I'm in, quickly turns into a similar scenario and I have to walk away. Back to the corner. ...in the supermarket. Am I responsible for creating this footing? Probably. Are people initiating discussion because they are genuinely interested in what I have to say? Or, are they hoping they can cut me off before I'm finished answering and start telling me all about themselves? I came here... Back to the corner. Stop trying to bait me. I don't want to argue. ...for that special offer. Haven't I made that perfectly clear? In order to avoid pettifog, I will agree with everything you say. Then I will walk away. Back to the corner. Perhaps I'm just imagining all this? I overhear someone say "Writers and artists are naturally reclusive." Well, then I got nothin' to worry about. A guaranteed personality.

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  1. Maybe when you're in the supermarket you should ask people, especially chicks, how the dairy in that store is. I heard that it works. Genius!