Ya gotta hand it to Mario Lopez...

..for keeping his composure. This almost too painfull to watch clip is circulating around the office this morning.

Yeah, we should definetly share our education. Especially hers. "Thank you South Carolina."

Tuesday morning work surfing...

Found this while stalking the BFF friends list. Drif L.A. Nice!


He dont stop, wont stop!

Saturday, August 25th. J-Sho, Joe, Karla and I. J-Sho's south side apartment. Doritos Collision, Lake Harriet Pizza, brownies, Boulevard Pale Ale, Coors Light, Budweiser & 3 Buck Chuck. UFC 74-Respect.

My man does it again. Unbelievable!


To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

A friend gave me this from one of those page-a-day calenders:

Decidophobia-The fear of decisions

I'm not so sure I'd call it fear. I think a recent fortune cookie sums it up best:

To decide not to decide is often a very wise decision.

Another phobia from the same calendar:

Teutophobia-The fear of Germans or German things

Not so much a fear as it is a severe dislike. Relax people; it's all in good fun. Quote me:

I hate because I am. I hate because I can.


Dont get caught with my...er, your pants down.

Actual email a friend of mine received and then forwarded to me:

My name is Shamus. My wife, Lacey, was in St. Paul in June. She is from Springfield Mo and is part of their slam poetry team. While there, I have reason to believe she participated in some sort of sexual activity while at a party of one of your team members. We are currently engaged in a divorce. I was hoping you might be able and willing to give me details of whatever she did at the party.
Thank you,

*names have been changed to protect the ridiculousness*

Funny text sent to me:

I just got my picture snapped unknowingly whilst peeing in Central Park @ a Black Crows free gig. Do u know what website I'll be able to find it on???


R U up for anything tonight or did the anal butt probe render you useless?

And another:

So sometime this week do u actually want to DO something & then get naked? Or just let me give you a bj and stick random things in your ass. Whatever works.

Re:-All of the above

Re:Re:-So I can stick a large zucchini up your ass?

ahhh yeeeah, maybe not...


Brownies for breakfast aint that bad is it?

I hope not because I had two. Dang man, I can be so freakin' disgusting sometimes.

Big thunder slash wind slash rain slash hail storm last night. Strobe light style lightening was making me sick. Power went out right as Sven was telling us to seek cover. The roomie and I headed to the basement. List lover? This is what I took with me:
6 dollars
xtra shoes
2 pillows
bottle of water
cell phone
pocket knife


work sucks...

...but geeky stuff like this helps me get through the day.

I love the gimmick. Perhaps thee best choke slam in the business. Or at least it looks that way from the way these guys sell it.

These dudes got mad skillz. Shit blows my mind. Hey, I just thought of something...what ever happened to Slam Ball?...

...found it!

Two of my personal favorites doing a lengthy promo for some indy show. Chris Jericho is always charismatic on the mic. This time however, it looks like Delirious is challenging Y2J to keep his composure.


I and I will survive...

...with a little help from Pepto Bismol.
August is International Canned Beer Month. I did the (domestic) world tour of canned beers at the Triple Rock last night. I'm paying the price for it this morning. Gawd, I thought Premium was gross. Fat Cat goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to crappy beer. Like Matt says, "Premium has about two cups of sugar per 16oz. Fat Cat has the same amount but it's brown sugar." Gee-Ross!

Randumb thizzought: I hate Jesus music. However, I love reggae. Speaking of reggae; the new Bad Brains album, To Build A Nation, is pretty deec. Especially the reggae songs. I've been rocking it on the regular. Sometimes I wish I looked as cool as Jamaican dudes do.



Central Standard Time

I love my city. I love my friends. I feel bad when I see dead animals.

Greenway commuter route

24th st. Between the Spyhouse and MCAD.

Ben and Jen. Ben is doing this right now. Jen is probably watching this right now.

...yes? Stevens Community

Matt and Dan. Matt is doing this right now. Dan is probably listening to this right now.

Lunds, Highland Park

Sorry...I just can't help myself. It's not like I want to do it. I have to do it.


Head Nod Ish

Paid Dues Festival slash Tour hit Mpls last week. 8+ hours of bobbing your head inside First Avenue is a long time...but it's worth it. As the brain child of Murs (Living Legends, FELT); Paid Dues boasts an amazing line up. A nearly overwhelming amount of top talent from the indie scene took turns rocking the mic: Lucky I Am (Living Legends), Hangar 18, Blueprint, Grouch & Eligh (Living Legends), Mr. Lif (w/Akrobatic as the Perceptionists), Cage (w/ Yak Ballz as the Weathermen), Brother Ali (w/ Toki Wright), Sage Francis, FELT (Slug & Murs) and the Living Legends. Brother Ali rocked the hardest (and longest), as did Sage Francis. My favorites were Cage, FELT and the Legends. I took a crap-ton of pix. Unfortunately I'm not quite used to all the settings on my camera and therefore non of them really turned out that great. Here is the best of what I got...and it aint that good...

Mr. Lif (on some wierd ish) and Akrobatic: The Perceptionists.

Cage and Yak Ballz: The Weathermen

Sage Francis

First Avenue party people

Brother Ali, Toki Wright & BK One
Murs and Slug: FELT

the Living Legends