3rd times the charm: if at first you dont succeed, try again...and again.

As I suspected (and mentioned in my earlier post,) the weekend did in fact start last night. Continuing on... Tonight a friend and I attempted to add to our already impressive resume, in our endless quest to visit every single pizza place imaginable. However, this particular portion of the journey nearly resulted in epic failure~! Our original target was Jakeeno's, a place neither of us had been to. It didn't really matter to us that we were the only two customers in the whole place. What did matter though, was an untimely power outage. (What would be a timely power outage I wonder? Maybe if the power cut out right as the toaster fell into the bathtub, thus preventing you from totally nude death by electrocution. Yeah, that would be timely...but why would you have a toaster in the bathroom?) We had just decided on which pizza to order when the power cut out. Not just inside the restaurant, but on the whole block. We sat it out for awhile, under candle light, while finishing our respective light beers (she a Miller and me an Amstel) before deciding to head out in search of another place. Our second attempt...and I say attempt because our efforts would once again be thwarted...was an old favorite of mine, Dulono's. She had never been there and we were hungry, so I figured it would suffice. Not happening. As soon as we walked in she thought she spotted someone that she knew neither of us wanted to see. However, it wasn't who she thought it was. Buuuuut, as she was figuring out that it was just a case of mistaken identity and we were in the clear, I actually spotted someone neither of us wanted to see. Someone, in fact, who is directly related to the person she thought she saw! As in best friend. Short story long; this place was too sparse for us to go unnoticed for too long. We made suspicious looking u-turns and hastily exited, all the whilst laughing at how ridiculous we were. Disgusted with the absurdity of being shot down twice in one night trying to get the saucy, meaty, cheesy pie we so desperately craved, we decided to go with an old standby and ended up at Pizza Luce'. To mix it up and because we were in the area, we went to the Uptown location, as she had never been to that one. Twenty minutes and a couple beers later, we were finally in pizza heaven. All said and done, it was actually a really fun evening. Even though I didn't stay out that late tonight, it is past my (school night) bed time for the second time in a row. Besides that, visiting three different pizza places in span of an hour is mentally exhausting!

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