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Don't you hate it when people start their blogs off by saying something like "Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been really busy. I promise to update more often." The assumption that you have a million "readers" that are hanging on your every word, that can't function in their own lives without knowing what's happening with yours, sickens me. Then again, why would we all do this blogging bullshit if we didn't think somone was reading it, right? Anyway, here's what I've been up to...

Matt, Dwitt, Joe, LG and I went to see the splatterfest that is the new Rambo movie on opening weekend. That's Matt draped in the appropriate attire.

We figured that he would be able to walk up to the counter and ask for "One please." If the cashier asked which movie he wanted a ticket for, he'd look back at them like they were stupid and say "Ah gee, which one do you think?"

Last Friday I went to the Timberwolves/Celtics game. No Kevin Garnett. He' still hurt. That was dissapointing, but the game was really good nonetheless. There was tons of Celtics/KG stuff in the place. As there should be. KG is the man. Some shots from my vantage point...

From there, it was off to Stasui's in nordeast for the SixSixCrush album release party. (Which coincided with Timmer's birthday.) There was a decent crowd and the boys rocked it as usual, but the sound was way shitty. It was like they were playing in an echo chamber.

A handful of really wierd, meth'd out strippers showed up about 20 minutes before bar close. Provided for some wacky entertainment.

Saturday, a friend and I went to the Science Museum to see the Cartoon Network show. It has losts of really cool interactive stations where you can learn about the animation process.

I attempted to design my own cartoon character. It didnt last long because I was really uncomforatble...

...I think my chair was just too big for me. If it was just a tad bit smaller, I couldve sat there and drew all day.

This station was cool. It had all these gadgets that you could score your own cartoon sound effects with.

Not to mention, it was inside a neat little cabin with really nice wood paneling.

They also had various display cases with rad stuff like this.

My favorite thing though, was the screening room; a life-size cartoon living room, complete with couches and a ginormous television. I think I know how I'm going to redecorate my place now.

I don't think she's close enough.

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  1. So, did Matt actually do that at the movie theater? Did it work?