Kids Don't Follow

Although I've owned the album for years, I've never heard the Replacements-Stink like I heard it this morning, on my way to work. It's wierd that songs from 1982 have become so relevant to me at this particular moment in my life.

Kids Don't Follow
Fuck School
Stuck in the Middle
God Damn Job
White and Lazy
Dope Smokin Moron
Gimme Noise

Interesting tidbit I found out from reading the book: During the famous intro to Kids Don't Follow, when the Mpls police are busting up the party, someone screams "Hey, Fuck You Man!" That someone is Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

Opinion I've developed from living my entire life in Minnesota: If you weren't around when the Replacements were around-and I mean, as in being there during the "salad days" (which I wasn't)- then Stop fucking referring to them as the 'Mats! It doesn't make you sound cool. It makes you sound stupid; like a wannabee.

I played Kids Don't Follow one more time right before I walked into work today.

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