As you may or may not know, I'm a sucker for really cheesy highschool slash college dramedies. Plus, I dont have cable. Anyway, One Tree Hill is now in its fifth season and I still feel compelled to watch. The thing is, I actually really hate the show. But it's like this-and I think I've used this analogy before-It's like sex. Once you've started, even if it's really bad, you gotta stick around til the end. However, last nights episode wasnt all that bad. Even better, for me anyway, was the subsequent text message exchange with two friends, following the show. All names have been initialized to protect the innocent.

Me: Wow, OTH was kinda good tonight. Not great but good. Hilarie Burton is really good.

KB: Haven't watched it yet. U luv Peyton!

Me: Well not only is she hot, she is a good actress.

Me: Wow, OTH was kinda good tonight. Not great but good. Hilarie Burton is really good.

CL: I agree. Except the nanny part. I will hate Nathan if he does her.

Me: I am confident that he wont do her. They are the Seth and Summer of OTH.

CL: I know! That's why I would be sad if he did.

Me: I like the Peyton-Lucas storyline but it looks like they might get back together already next week. :( I prefer the slow burn.

CL: Yes exactly. They gotta keep us hangin' a little bit. Anticipation always makes it more interesting.

Me: That's what she said. ;) Maybe we should post some fan fiction stories on the OTH message board tomorrow. Wait, is there an OTH message board?

CL: You would know. :)

Me: I just embarrased myself when I mentioned "fan fiction." I promise I've never read any. btw-my T-9 changes "mug" to OTH. How sweet is that!

CL: It's like it was meant to be. Mine changes it too!

Me: I'll leave you with one final thought: Chris Keller!

CL: Ooh that could be Haley's revenge! Or the thing that pushes Nathan towards the nanny. I like it strickly for the entertainment aspect. :)

If only it were actually entertaining. Like the OC. That was entertainment. At least we have Gossip Girl.

I'm a punk rocker, yes it's true.

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