The Return

It's been awhile. Let the ellipses train roll...Randumb, Dumb, Dumb Thizoughts...Operation Grow A Beard To Cover Fat Face But Actually Make Face Look Fatter Because There Is A Big Fat Beard On It is now in it's second week. Surprisingly not too many people at work are making comments. However, one chick has taken to calling me "Scruffy" every time she sees me. I'm subjected to "What's up Scruffy?", "Hey there Scruffy Face." and "Mr. Scruffy, you're so fuzzy." about 20 times a day. If I could, I would hold out long enough for the boss to have to call me into his office and tell me it was time for me to shave. Then I would tell him it's time for he and I both to find new jobs. Speaking of...Operation Find A Job That Doesn't Suck The Life Out Of Me isn't going so well. Mostly because I haven't really looked that hard. Well I look hard. Like I'm from the streets. But I haven't looked for the jobs all that hard. Not like I don't have a boner while I look for jobs, well I don't, but like I haven't spent a whole lot of time looking for a new job. I'm looking for something big to just land in my lap. (That's what she said.) Kidding; I know it requires some work. In the meantime I'll continue to fuck with my co-workers minds as much as possible. Not all of them, but most of them probably lead boring, ambitionless lives because the corporate world has broken them down. So when I fuck with them, I'm actually not only entertaining myself, but I'm doing them a favor as well. If you're one of my co-workers and you're reading this, then don't worry because it probably aint about you. If for some reason you are offended, perhaps you need to think about that a little. Anyway, I am looking for a new job. If you know of something an intelligent, extremely good looking, jack of all trades such as myself would be good at, let me know...Operation Work Out And Diet So That I Don't Have To Cover My Fat Face With A Big Fat Beard is going pretty good. Except for the diet part, that is. I really enjoy excercise when I make myself do it on a regular basis. Among other things, I've had the opportunity to take some step aerobic classes and that shit is kicking my ass. Now I just need to really concentrate on that diet thing...Operation Find A Jui Jitsu And/Or Grappling Class hasn't begun yet but I am giving it some serious thought. At this stage I'm not looking to get into fighting or anything like that. I'm just interested in learning a competitive martial art and the idea of rolling around with someone is more appealing (that's what she said) than getting kicked in the face....Operation Pick A Festival To Go To This Spring is and has been underway for a little while now. Originally I was for sure going to Rip It Up Fest in Winnipeg. Not so sure anymore due to a few factors: I don't want to drive, airfare is like way expensive, nobody to go with, and there is a good chance I will be older than most kids there by like 10 years. So the new front runner is Chaos In Tejas Fest in Austin, TX. There are a couple reasons for this: Airfare is cheap. My sister lives in Austin, within cycling distance of Emo's, where the fest is. I like tacos. And the number one reason is the confirmed Los Crudos reunion!!! I'd really, really, really like to see that. Anyway, decisions to be made...No more operations...I myself am kinda tired of all the Juno hype. And I loved the film. I have seen it twice. However, what has become even more tiresome is all the Juno and/or Diablo Cody haters. (Wow, I've use "and/or" a few times now.) I have no problem with anyone hating on something. Shit, I do it all the time. Just don't make it so obvious that it's only because of pure jealousy. And, might I mention, some of you haven't even seen it. If you could "make it" like Diablo, you would. So fuck off. Speaking of hating and movies...I hate the Oscars. Don't even get me started. More movie stuff...I saw In Bruges last weekend with su madra. I liked it quite a bit. I recommend it. And as you may or may not know, if I recommend something, it's because it's good...Okay, this is getting way too cocky and haterish. I should probably quite before it gets worse. I am mostly a lover, after all. And a good one at that, I might add. Anyway, here are some things I am loving...pictures of really gross New Jersey clubbers...Chris Jericho's book...the columns in Maximum Rock-n-Roll...Osiris's Feed The Need video (Got it free in a recent issue of Thrasher.)...Breakfast at the Seward Cafe...Atmosphere's Strictly Leakage download...whatever the special is at Sunny Side-Up Cafe...green tea lattes...tea in general...Suicidal Tendencies' Join The Army...and Stuff White People Like...Fuck the Oscars, let freedom ring (???), spit on it and fuck it, have a good weekend, I'm ghost...

Always with the puckered lips????

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