The Cheeseman Cometh, BTS Crew, and Spin The Black Circle~Part 5: Pass The Hand Sanitzer

"Oh fuck, there is gonna be fights in here tonight."

I walked into Big V's, surveyed the situation and within one minute muttered to myself those exact words. A volatile mix of sub-cultures descended upon St. Paul last Friday to see thrash/metal/punk/cross-over legend Billy Milano and his latest incarnation of M.O.D. (Legend is perhaps too strong a word in my opinion, but that's what they are calling him.) Punks, crusties, metal heads, skin heads, heshers, bike messengers, really drunk Midway area locals, and extra security guards all in one place pretty much guarantees at least a moderate amount of mayhem will be had. Matt showed up next and said "I came with no zits. I'm leaving with twelve." (Think about it.) Cheeseman arrived with a large grin on his face and asked "Should I have worn my steel-toe boots tonight?" As per usual he immediately began giving me shit for drinking cheap beer. Courtney was last to arrive. Within' seconds she was smiling like a little rich kid on Christmas morning; happy to be surrounded by so many "Sweet neck-tats!" The opening bands were all pretty deec. M.O.D. however...yeah, not so good. Comical though. As we were walking out the door someone said "Well, that's ten bucks I won't ever get back." And yes, there were fights.

The first band was called Mosh Kill Fuck Destroy or some combination of those four words. They were fun. This is local death metal band Daigoro. They went on second. Really fucking good!

In Defence was up next. I always like these guys. Lead singer Ben Crew wasn't there though. Apparently he's on tour with the Birthday Suits or something. (Not sure on that.) So one of the guitar players wore Ben's clothes and filled in on vocals. As did one of the guys from Faggot and Fuck Mosh Kill Destroy. He was wearing a hot pink, full body bunny costume. Ahhh the shenanigans. Nice!

Random shitter shots. You can see its as immaculate as ever.

Ahhh the Cheeseman. If you are at all familiar with him, then I'm sure this looks very.....well,familiar.

Cheeseman's hero Billy Malano! Cheeseman told me a story about how when he was a kid, he and all his buddies got their U.S.A for M.O.D cassettes confiscated by a church group or something. So he was in heaven. I have to admit this dude was kind of funny. Also he was continually referencing pro-wrestling. Several times he'd ask the crowd to give him a "Ric Flair whoooo." Which of course, I'd oblige. At one point he professed his love for ODB (Not the deceased Wu-Tang member, but the female wrestler from Minnesota.) and even went so far as to do a song called Ode to Chris Benoit. Afterwards Cheese bought him a seltzer water. "Who doesn't want a seltzer water?" Cheese asked in response to our confused looks. He brought it over to him and said "Here you go you Bold Savage Man." To which Billy replied point blank "Where's the lime?" What a rock star.

Lots of great people watching. Especially this chick. She went into the bathroom at least five or six times during M.O.D., combing her hair with a pick and applying lipstick....every time!

Matt thought about changing after work, but was like "Fuck it, I'm going to Big V's." Of course he fit right in.

Yours truly.

The theme song for this next section is B.T.$. from Murs' The End of the Beginning album...."This for everybody... Who doesn't have a lot of money.. But you have a little money, and when you get that little money...You spend that shit."
Big Time Spenders-Big Time Shoppers-Buy That Shit-BTS...thrift store style:

Sixty nine cents for this old Deal skate video from 1993. Da Deal is Dead. I bought it because of the De La Soul cover rip. The skating is a little different from what you'd see these days. No really big hammers being thrown down. Mostly kick-flip variations and boardslides. Their is some really bad editing in here. Brief clips of old movies are spliced in for no apparent reason. The fashion is ridiculously baggy. This is the era of the fat pants. Like Jnco and Fresh Jive style fat. It's still cool though...

The yellow and black attack!

I had to buy these. If nothing more than for shits and giggles. It was Save 50% Day. That means twenty nine cents for both! Aside from being the most famous Christian hair metal band, Stryper were known for having a dude that played a huge wrap-around drum kit. Hilarious.

Ghostdog is one of my favorite movies and I've been looking for a used copy of the soundtrack forever. (RZA did it.) Every now and then I see one for eight or nine dollars and I pass on it. Good things come to those who wait I guess, because this one only cost a buck!

Continuing on...cheapo records:

H.R., the throat for Bad Brains put out some straight reggae albums in the 80's and early 90's. I have all but one of them on cassette. Matt and I used to listen to them all the time while we were cleaning the kitchen of T.Juans up in Bemidji. Really not good reggae by any means but my loyalty to Bad Brains makes me get this stuff. And besides, some of it is actually pretty deec. I couldn't pass up a used copy of the anthology on cd. I texted Matt right away to let him know.

Spin...1, 2, 3, 4...and Five:

I've been keeping my eye out for Smashed Gladys album Social Intercourse for some time now. I guess its pretty rare (and expensive..at least for me) so I'm not holding my breath. I am more than happy to settle for ths single for now. Fits nicely into my ever-expanding collection of shitty vinyl.


..how I was just ranting and raving about Mpls funk in my last vinyl review, where I mentioned Mazarati. This was the first thing I saw when I walked into the basement at Cheapo. No question I was going to get it. This was recorded at Paisley Park in 1986. As if you couldn't tell by the back cover. Gee, Prince much? Ok, I know I used that line before but it's a good one. My brother and I went to see the Jets and Limited Warranty at the State Fair back in the 80's. Mazarati was supposed to open the concert. They showed up late and so they weren't allowed to play. I remember they jumped up on top of some RVs that were parked next to the stage and were making a scene. The crowd was chanting for them but to no avail. We were dissapointed.

What really needs to be said?

Mick Jones looks less like Goyzilla on the cover of this one than No.10 Upping Street. I've only listened to one side of this but I really liked it so far. I'll continue to buy B.A.D. stuff on vinyl as I come across it. Man, my hands are filthy after digging through used vinyl.

Found this outside of the store.

Give him a call.

I asked AlleyCat if she like my new shoes and she licked her lips. Is that a yes?

On sale for twenty. I had to.

One last pic of the Beutifull Cheeseman

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  1. Some words: Sacred Reich's "Surf Nicaragua" and
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