good times, great oldies

Had an awesome time with homegirls J-Sho and Moy on Friday night. We started with some dinner on Lake Street, followed by several pitchers of Amstel Light at the Cedar Inn. J-Sho played many, many, many great rock songs on the jukebox, including one of my all-time favorites: Love Will Tear Us Apart. She also played Controversy by Prince. That was wicked-os. Then we went to the Hexagon for more beers and bands...for free! Building Better Bombs and Birthday Suits. Loren G was there too. No pics.

Saturday started with some much needed house cleaning. Le Chat Noir has been looking like hell lately. Not anymore. Then I went for a run and did a brief workout before making my way out to the Otsego VFW for a benefit auction. Lots of buddies there. Jase and I talked about the manliness, or lack there of, of cranberry-vodkas. We each had one, thanks to Karla and her credit card. More importantly though, is that there was a huge turnout for a very good cause and I assume lots of money was raised.

Later that night Jack and Amanda hosted what so far looks to be a monthly get-together at their place. Fantastic spread of food and booze. Because I did not want to ruin my Sunday, I stuck with my Coor's Light. I didn't attempt to wear Jack's robe this time. Perhaps there is a correlation? Smaller crowd than last time but still an equal amount of witty banter. Also, thankfully nobody's testicles made an appearance.

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