have earplugs, will travel

I'm not drinking any more Mai Bocks this season. Went to the Uptown bar last night to see Rob/Bob's new band Animal Gods. The Norsemen played too, which I was equally excited about. It was a show put together by new pal Kelly. Ran into Davis Presley. We caught up over a couple beers. I really enjoyed, as always, talking with Dave. Timmer and Irene were in the house too. Nice to see them of course. Like to see them more. I should probably get on that. Even though it was a sparse crowd, both the Norseman and Animal Gods fucking rocked. DJ Rock the Monkey (?) was spinning awesome records between sets as well. I got no less than four comments on my Angry Samoans t-shirt. Funny. (Like how I mentioned what I was wearing? I'm a freaking geek sometimes...sometimes?) Anyway, I'm not drinking any more Mai Bocks this season....maybe.

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