three things:

1. Some people that spend most of their weekday hours where I spend most of my weekday hours really fucking suck. Two in particular, suck to highest power of suckage. One is a cold, heartless, conniving bitch that has let a tiny bit of power go to her head. She used to be kind of nice but now she's a fucking tyrant. Like a friend of mine said "Management by terror isn't a good policy." The other one is a nice enough guy, but he has got to be one of the biggest pussies I've ever met. For someone that is supposedly in a 'leadership role', he isn't even the slightest bit proactive about anything...unless it's to try and stop people form gossiping about how much of a tyrant the other bitch is and how much of a non-proactive pussy he is. Always ducking out and never taking any responsibility when shit goes down. Not even when people need him the most. If I've learned anything from spending most of my weekday hours where I do, it's that eventually karma will catch up to these two people and they will be forced to stop spending their week day hours where I spend my week day hours. Hopefully, unless it's really soon, I won't be spending my weekday hours at the same place as these two when it all goes down. Instead I and the others like me will be far away...and when we hear about it, we'll sit back and say "Well, you had to know it was coming."

2. Yesterday on my way to work I was listening to 'Theme Thursday' on Radio K. The theme was fashion. Right as I was pulling into the parking lot, they played the Beastie Boys 'the New Style.' As another old fav sang, "When the music hits, I feel no pain at all!" I decided work could wait five more minutes, so I sat in the car and pretended I was the fourth Beastie Boy. 4 and 3 and 2 and 1. When I'm on the mic, the suckers run.....all the way to the......feel the beat mmmmmmm drop...a lot of beer, a lot girls, and a lot of cursin'.....to the.....Beastie Boys fly the biggest heads. Word!

3. Lot's of shamrocks and shenanigans will be going down over the next couple of days. Everyone be safe, but have a great St. Paddy's Day weekend!

3 sets of thee.ography unrelated to the above 3 things:
Just me wanking off with the camera. Closet door in my bedroom. I thought it looked cool at the time. Yeah, maybe not so much.
Cognitive Dissonance @ the Hexagon last Saturday. As evidenced by most of the recent thee.ography I've posted, I for the life of me, cannot figure out this camera. Especially concert (and some indoor) shots. The singer was thrashing all over the place. They played a short but raging set. Great people watching as well.
More wanking off. One morning last week, all the cars on my block were adorned with these really cool frost patterns. Even though I was running late for work, I felt inclined to take a few moments and capture some images. My car.


  1. Dude, someone who also USED to spend her daytime hours where you spend your daytime hours tuned me into the blog.

    I agree with your hopes for karma biting people in the ass, esp. a certain monkey-esque, cheap and useless, statutory dater type that just IS pussy #2. Fear and loathing-a great way to run a business. WHATEVER.

    Hope your weekend is way better than your Friday!

  2. yeah, i like to bitch about the fucknuts whom i work with, too. in particular, those who like to steal credit for work they didn't do. fucking attention whores, they're everywhere.

    and, they dodge their responsibilities and will throw you under the bus without thinking twice.

    these people are the worst to work with, and when one person has all these miserable characteristics and you have to work with them, eventually the shit hits the fan, big time.

    one time i called this bitch at home on her day off to let her have it. the change in her personality was short-lived, and she's back to her bitch-ass self. no wonder three others left this department prior to me being "promoted" into it... i'm on my way out too, so it's a blessing.

    new ulm, dude, new ulm.