Bike Punk

As some of you may know, I am long time fan of the mix-tape. After all, it was a mix-tape made by my uncle that got me into punk rock. (Yeah, yeah, I know; we've all heard the story.) Anyway, I've always liked creating mix-tapes as well. Whether it's the hip-hop and R&B mixes I was doing for my girlfriend in high school or the I Don't Know Anything About Punk...or Oi!...or Ska...or Hardcore series I did throughout college, I have always truly enjoyed the mix-tape process. (Speaking of the 'I Don't Know Anything..' series; if you are lucky enough to have one of those still, hang on to it. I don't mind bragging; those were classics.) It takes a certain skill to compile the a bunch of songs and put them in the perfect play order. Artwork for the cover and track listing aint no slouch work either. I've loved making mix-tapes so much I even started a club a while back. That lasted for only a few months. (A year or so ago that sort of faded out...or at least I did.) It's been a while since I made a mix. However, riding around on a bicycle, listening to music has inspired me to once again, make a mix-tape....actually it's a CD. The artwork might look familiar...

R.A.M.B.O. – Apocalypse Riders
Excel – Conclusion
Aggression – Locals Only
White Pigs – Victims
Necros – Police Brutality
Corrupted Morales – Mr. Liberty
Citizens ArrestDeathreat
No Fraud – Don’t Let Me Grow Old
Impulse Manslaughter – We’re All Bored Here
Unhuman Society Death – Constituency
Prime Evil – Venomous Mol
Tyrranicide – Facing Reality
Atavistic – Means To An End
Appendix – Raping
Heibel – Can’t You See What’s Happening?
Gauze – Core Tick
Riistetyt – Death Valley
Disfear – A Race For Power
Dropdead – The Circle Complete
Swarrrm – Strength
Artimus Pyle – Void
Capitalist Casualties – Downtown
What Happens Next? – Words Ring Empty
Infect – America Latina
Ruination – Bad To Worse
Thrashin’ In The Streets – Demon Speed
Extortion – Phone In Sick
R.A.M.B.O. – U Lock Justice

So, "what do you thrash?"

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