Blood & Guts For Desert

Friday night~
chicken tacos and al pastor quesadillas, followed by beers and pro-rasslin'.

Taqueria La Hacienda:

Muy Bueno!

F1rst Wrestling @ First Avenue:

The highlight of the card was Jerry Lynn vs. Al Snow:

The first half of the match was all comedy. They traded insults, Al gave the ring announcer a nut-shot (which he sold unbelievably well) and they did the classic -trick the ref into wrestling while one of the wrestlers acts as referee- spot. Eventually they got all serious and worked hard. Jerry beat Al with his famous cradle-pile driver. Al sold it all the way through intermission, laying on the mat for what seemed like twenty minutes. On a side note: Al Snow is actually a huge man in real life.

The main event was a dog-collar chain match featuring Playboy Pete Huge, formerly of public access' Perfect TV. (He was also a regular customer at the Edina Shinder's (RIP) when I worked there.)

As Allison Wonderland was chaining him up, someone yelled "Just like at home, right Pete!" Hilarious.

As you can see, there were all types of gimmicks in the ring. Playboy got busted open. (Not hard-way.) I do have video of Pete going through the table but I haven't uploaded it yet.

Good times.

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