Sabado Gigante

"The face of nature reflects all of life's ups and downs."
Lucky Numbers 2,12,22,32,42,45

Seward Cafe:

Ran into the SkullCrushers~Derek and Elaine, Loren G and his women (whose name escapes me) and other friendly faces at a late breakfast. They saw me when someone alerted Elaine that "That friend of yours that goes to parties is over there." SkullCrushers were in town for LG's golden birthday. 29 on the 29th. Mr. G (3rd name!) told me that he got up and finished his 40oz. from the night before. Nice work! I asked everyone what they ordered. Derek said "I don't know; the menu has too many words on it."

Peter Jadoonath and Jason Treb's 5th Annual Mud On Your Face-Pottery Sale:

From there it was down to the gallery to see Jason and Peter and the fruits of their labor. I have known both of these fantastic men for several years now. (Jason, all the way back to high school.) Words can't begin to describe how impressed I am by them; not just as artists but as human beings. These guys are not only friends of mine but inspirational figureheads as well. Check this shit out!
Wow, these guys really know how to bring it! What an impressive show. They filled me in on what I had missed on opening night. Thanks to another wonderful and old friend, Elias, some of it has been captured here and it's pretty much exactly the way they described it.

Caffeine was next on the to-do list, so latte's were grabbed at the Spyhouse, followed by a walk around the old neighborhood:

Duece Seven represents.

It' always rad to see what's been keeping the art-school kids busy when they're not riding track bikes or picking out new scarfs and man-dannas.

Dinner time back at LeChatNoir:

Finished the evening with beers at the Cedar Inn.

Giant Saturday.

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  1. yeah. derek's not much of a reader. he did say he's proud to be discussed in your blog. aparently your blog doesn't have too many words on it.