Hot Dogs & Hardcore

...NO, that's not the name of my new porn website. It's how I spent the first part of Friday night.

I arrived at the Triple Rock early enough that the bands hadn't started yet. Knowing I was probably going to be drinking several glasses of the Tartus after the show, at the gallery. I figured this was a good time to get a good base in me.

I walked down the street to the break my Wienery cherry. (Gawd, that sounds so gay.)

I got the Manhattan; which is a chili dog. It was glorious!

Happy and with a full belly, I headed back to the T-Rock for the Modern Life Is War show. It was their second to last show. (The final one would be the next night in their home town of Marshalltown, IOWA~!) Really, the main reason I went though, was to see Holding On reuniting for the first time in several years. They are only doing two shows. Both as opening slots for Modern Life's final gigs. It's only fitting, seeing as how Modern Life was one of the opening band for Holding On's final show many years ago in this same venue. A show I still consider one of my favorites of all time. When I first moved to the TC almost a decade ago, Holding On (and the Real Enemy) were a couple bands I'd go see all the time. It seemed like they were playing every week at the Foxfire or Bon Appetite. (Both venues are long gone-RIP) Back then they were skinny little kids with straight-edge tattoos. Not anymore...well they probably still have the tattoos. Anyway, I really enjoyed watching them grow up, so to speak, and their progression as a band. They were definitely one of those bands that quit while they were ahead. I was excited to see them play again.

Pandamonium played first.

It seems as though they've lost a guitarist somewhere along the way. They still rip though.

Some really horrible band, the name of which I don't care to remember, played next. I was on the verge of going insane with how terrible this band was. But then, finally it was time for Holding On.

Not as many pile-ons or circle pits or ridiculous hardcore-kung-fu dancing as I was hoping for but fun nonetheless. Everyone,including the audience and excluding the drummer (Karl?), is older and noticeably fatter. That's what happens when you discover alcohol kids. (I remember a St. Patrick's Day a couple years ago at the Liffey where I got all geeky and asked the bass player (Sean?), who was tending the bar "How does a straight-edge kid from Holding On end up bar tending?" He didn't seem all that impressed. I don't blame him. I was wasted. However, after I apologized he bought me a Guinness and told me about his new band.) All things aside, after a several year hiatus, they were still pretty much on point.

Then of course it was time for Modern Life Is War.

The first and only other time I had seen Modern Life was at that final Holding On show. I remember thinking at the time "Well these guys are the new Holding On." Something must have happened between then and now or I was just caught up in the moment because that just isn't true. That isn't intended as an insult either. They are by no means not a kick ass band. Admittedly I didn't follow their career and melodic hardcore isn't really my thing, but I sure as hell appreciate what these guys did; coming from a small town in the middle of nowhere. A piece of me can totally relate. I would guess that they will be missed by their loyals. Hopefully in their wake, Modern Life Is War has inspired a whole crop of youngsters to pick up where they left off. Their set was good.

Then, after a slight wardrobe change, in a rainy parking lot, I headed to the gallery...

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