Jesus Shaves

All you have to do is step into the light...

...Randumb, dumb, dumb Thizzoughts...What rhymes with ellipses?...With the weather warming up, bike rides are becoming more frequent and I'm loving it. Here is some thee.ography I snapped on recent rides:

...Speaking of bike rides: Big ups to Mpls for doing this...This week I got rickrolled for the first time ever. For the record, I would never do that to somebody...The St. Paul Art Crawl is next weekend. I got a fresh pair of insoles and my liver is in training for the imminent days and nights spent at the Back Alley Gallery. I will have some new paintings on display and for sale. If I have enough time I will hopefully also have on hand copies of my new mix-CD: Pedal and Destroy. Perhaps even a test run of the t-shirt, if I get the screen done in time...The Holding On reunion at the Triple Rock is next Friday night. Definitely looking forward it. Expect me to wax poetic about it afterwards...This weekend there is a plethora of things for me to do...Vano and Cliff's birthday bash up in Bemidji...My friend Tara's birthday tonight at Memory Lanes...Also the Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome movie runs both tonight and tomorrow as part of the Mpls International Film Festival. Coincidentally...Chuck D is at the Fitzgerald Theater tomorrow night as part of Mary Lucia's Fakebook series. Slug and Brother Ali are there too...Aaaaaaannnnd the GSP-Serra fight is on PPV (I, like the rest of the world, am predicting GSP. However, I'm not totally ruling Serra out. He can knock a motherfucker out, as evidenced by their first fight. Not to mention, his jujitsu aint bad either. But man, St. Pierre is just too good right now. Plus it's in his hometown. There, got my bases covered.).....So much to choose from and I definitely wont be able to do it all. Aaaaaooooh, how will I decide? The hours are counting down...

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