Words Of Wisdom

"Making art." That sounds funny to me. Seems sort of unnatural to say it. Doesn't really role of the tongue, as they say. I think there is a reason it seems so difficult to say it. Even though I've been making art (in one capacity or another) since I was was a child, perhaps I have not yet embraced the idea that I can be someone that makes art; that I can be an artist. Now that I say it, this is in fact an undeniably true statement. Another undeniably true statement: I like making art. I like the process. I've taken a few classes but for all intensive purposes, I'm self-taught...strike that;self-teaching...still learning. I do it the only way I know how. Get some materials together, put on some music, and see what happens. Sometimes I have an idea but rarely, in the end, does that idea come to fruition. While creating, I am greatly inspired by the music. Crusty, grimy punk-rock. Hip-hop with complex beats and tightly woven wordplay. Perhaps this, combined with a lack of patience and discipline, is why my stuff usually ends up looking like an amateurish mess. Well, I guess I am an amateur. Art for me, is a hobby more than anything. Is that why I have a hard time labeling myself as an artist? Maybe. I have several good friends that do this every single day. Art pays their bills. And they are unbelievably talented people; with meticulous attention to detail and a desirable product. Creating art that people want to own. Perhaps I don't feel it's fair to them that I would call myself an artist. Maybe. Anyway, I really like the process of making art. It's the end result that I'm almost never happy with. A old pal (and true artist) said something to me recently that I have found to very encouraging and inspiring. I keep his words close every time I engage in the process of making art:

"The only thing I know is that the most important factor for art making is to get beyond the realm of embarrassment; to give yourself full permission to make the shittiest art that mankind has ever witnessed, and then just make a lot of it; don't judge it, and keep making it. Eventually you get like a couple really good pieces...every once an a while." -EJSwan

"...shittiest art that mankind has ever witnessed..." In progress...as always...

~Wow, I just read this back to myself. All over the place. Like I should be suprised by my lack of direction. Hmmgfffhhh...

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