The Collective

Saturday morning found me slightly hung over from the previous night's Tecate fueled extravaganza at the El-P show. It's not terrible by any means, but enough to get me up at quarter to eight ON A SATURDAY. See, I'm one of those that can't sleep when I'm slung. Apparently I passed out on the couch watching an old CZW dvd. The bike was laying on the kitchen floor and there was evidence of a late night 'Cool Ranch' session and perhaps one more beer. I turn on some some tunes and read a bit before dragging my ass of the couch. Breakfast time. I've got huevos rancheros on the brain, so I ride to the Global Market and get my fix. It's so nice out. Gardening and house cleaning keeps me busy the rest of the day until Jase and Lora arrive for our previously planned bike trip. Much to my delight they show up with a twelver of PBR.

Jase is riding a 1964 Scwhinn 'Fiesta' that his grandfather recently gave him. Lora is red on red with her Felt 'Propaganda' war machine. I'm, of course, on the singalized LeTour; sometimes referred to as 'Bubblelicious' due to its color scheme. We take our time riding throughout the city streets and eventually hooking up with the green way for a short stretch. It's beautiful out and everyone is all smiles. Eventually we arrive at our destination-the Oak Street Cinema. It's the Minnesota premier of a brand new mountain bike film done by the Collective called Seasons. Before the film there is giggling as we stock up on free Redbulls and somehow spill an entire bucket of popcorn. Funny. The movie is really good. The riding is amazing and the cinematography-mind blowing. We're cracking PBRs (which we are now referring to as 'Redbulls' in code) throughout the duration of the film.

After the flick is over, there are a ton of giveaways. None of us win anything, so by the end we are claiming that it must be rigged. In a humorous moment, a little girl sitting with her family not far from us, wins a giant fake bottle of Canadian Club whiskey. Afterwards we head for a bite to eat at the Seward Pizza Luce. Then with full bellys, we ride into the night, on our way home. It's fun to watch Jase-primarily a mountain biker-hucking of curbs and stuff. Even on a rusty (but trusty) old cruiser from the 60's, he can't help but innovate. He's actually really good on a bike and it's inspiring to ride with him.

As if we hadn't seen or talked or done enough bike related shit today, we throw on the MASH dvd back at my place for a bit and have one last beer. Great day, great ride, great friends. Let's do it again!

"The Collective." The beautiful accessories that you can't quite see in this pic are Jason's Frontier Sports hat (Reppin' Marcell ya'll), my Hot Doug's tee shirt that says "There are no two finer words in the English Dictionary than 'Encased Meats' my friend" on the back (Thanks Jen.), and the Ramones beer couzy my uncle Robert gave me for Christmas. Okay, I'm officially a geek for pointing this out.

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