Give me a reason to care, and I will sing along forever

Triple Rock Social Club last night. Bouncing Souls, Jason, Lora, Amy & myself. Old friends, old band. Next year the Bouncing Souls will be 20~! (Yes, I believe that is deserving of the tilde bang.) Ryan and Jana were in the house too. (Not together.) Tim Barry-singer for Avail-opened the show, performing some of his solo material. Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed it: both his songs and his between song banter. Before he played any songs he was already making apologies for his performance. He said something to the effect of "I'm sorry for being the guy with the guitar up here rambling and singing folk songs. I know I would hate it." After listening intently to the lyrics of Idle Idylist I turned to Jase and said "You know he's right. He just reminded me-I don't care!" To which Jase replied "Life is too short to live up to someone else's standards." Wow, we're a couple of poets. His guitar sounded really good too.

Bouncing Souls. What can I say? One of my favorite bands of all time. Say what you will; I've heard it all before and I don't really care. I'm not even sure how many times I've seen this band. (If I wanted to, I could probably try and figure it out, but that takes a lot of work. Coincidentally, this was Amy's virgin Souls show.) I always geek out and sing along to every song. Last night was no exception. There isn't a Bouncing Souls song I don't like. About half way through the set, Greg talked about getting older and trying to find new ways to "make your life rad." I think the four of us totally related to that. Then he brought out a ukulele and did a cover of Sick Of It All's Good Lookin' Out. The band then reassembled and played another acoustic cover song; the Misfits- Hybrid Moments. Then 'The Pete'-the guitar player-took over drums and they played Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. Keepin' it rad indeed. Eventually they "plugged back in" and went to work in normal Bouncing Souls fashion, including a super sloppy version of Born To Lose. In fact, for a band that is often times criticized by "punk purists" for being to polished, they played fairly slovenly throughout most of the set. One of my favorite moments happened while they were playing Argyle. The band called for P.O.S. to join them on stage. Greg handed him the mic and took a stage dive, forcing P.O.S. to sing the chorus as his son watched from the side of the stage. "When I lose, every time I win. Because no one will ever be messin' up stuff and doin' things wrong quite like me. NO ONE WILL EVER BE LIKE ME!" It was cool to once again, see the Bouncing Souls in a smaller setting than First Avenue, where they usually play when in town. It warmed my heart to look around the room and see the huge grins on everybody's faces...including my own.

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