Whoops, you're famous!

.....yeah, I know I am. Aint no "whoops" about it. That shit is on purpose.....Randumb Thizoughts.....What's up with jean jacket vests?.....Flowers, animals, green grass and trees, pancakes; all things that make me happy. As does improper use of the semi-colon.....I saw you when you waved, Dwitt. It made me want to party.....Memory Lanes first ever all ages show was last Monday. I arrived during Pandamonium. I mostly read the newsletter during the next band, Have Hope. Melodic hardcore, and from what I can gather, straight-edge. I'm always surprised that these types of bands still exist. In Defence was next. Mini gorilla piles. Good stuff, as always. Pulling Teeth were freakin' nice! More pile-ons and mic-dropping. The singer has that Carson Daly-manorexia-malnourished-"I'm on a juice diet."-vegan style-skinny look going. Like his legs could break in half at any time. Seriously people, come on now. Anyway, I'd like to see these guys in a more enclosed setting where they could thrash my face off. I am now a fan of this band. Unfortunately Under Pressure didn't show. Van broke down or something.....I'm asking you Mr. Punk Rocker, Mr. Metalhead, Mr. Biker; What purpose-exactly-does the sleeveless jean jacket serve?.....What the hell happened to MC Serch? I've caught a few episodes of Miss Rap Supreme. Ridiculous. Serch and Pete Nice were def holding it down back in the 3rd Base days. Breakin' down barriers in the rap game and shit. Steppin' to the A.M. was hot. I even like some of his solo shit. He's kind of a clown now. But he still don't get the gas face. Ok, maybe Serch was always a clown.....I've been volunteering some time in concessions at the St. Paul Saints games. It's fun interacting with all the peeps. Outdoor baseball ya'll! Come by the Slap Shots stand on the 1st base side, say 'what up?' to your fav blogger. Get some cheese turds too.....In the tradition of keeping life rad, this is the summer of B.O.B.~Basketball, Ollie, Bicycle.....If I had cable, or if someone will tape it for me(hint, hint), I'd watch the old AWA on ESPN Classic. Otherwise, I don't think I'm watching wrestling for awhile anyway.....If you don't live life, you can't blog about it.....I'm thinking of cutting the sleeves of my jean jacket.....Look, you're famous too:

In Defence:

Pulling Teeth:

No autographs please.

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