A Short List...

...of things which became famous, in part, because of my direct association with them. AKA- a short list of things I have since declared DEAD.

1. The Backwards Fitted Baseball Cap-In the early 90's the fitted cap-worn backwards-was everywhere. The most popular being the Montreal Expos and Philadelphia Phillies. (Due mostly to the fact that both teams had debuted new logos.) The Miami Hurricanes hat, with its orange brim, green cap and white M, was also very popular around this time. The fitted cap itself never really lost any popularity, but in the mid-90s wearing it backwards had gone the way of the buffalo. Although I wasn't responsible for it's early 90s popularity, I was definitely a front runner for the backwards fitted cap's resurgence in the late 90s....until that is, that prick Fred Durst took over with his silly rap-rock and ridiculous red Yankees cap. Just as easily as I had restarted the fad, I had called it dead. With New Era as a major player in street fashion scene and limited edition collaborations galore, hipsters and ball fans alike are rocking that shit. The fitted baseball cap aint going nowhere. But as far as wearing that shit backwards goes, I long ago declared it dead.

2. Cargo Shorts-A staple of the American Eagle and Old Navy crowd. I wore these like mad for many summers. My first pair ever being actual army fatigue shorts bought from Northern Surplus in Bemidji, MN. People saw me rocking that shit at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and elsewhere. "Cargo Shorts" blew up right after that. I declared them dead last summer. Some folks are slow catching on but you'll see...

3. The Shocker-Yeah, yeah, I know. Regular readers have heard this one before. But for you n00bs, it's like this: I created the Shocker. Well not just me, but rather a collective of dudes sitting around a dorm room on a late night, drinking malt liquor. I was there that night and played a major role-with my contribution-in the creation of now world-famous Shocker. Hard to believe? Yeah, I get that. However, shit is true; so believe it! That being said, the Shocker is peeeeelaaaayed out man. From this point forward, I declare that shit D to the EAD, DEAD~!

I'm not saying this stuff wasn't around before me (besides the Shocker); I'm saying I, in part, made it famous. And I'm not saying you won't see this stuff around anymore(which is a shame); I'm saying that I have since declared this shit dead. So get with it.

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