Jase and I went up to Blaine to check out the Minnesota Fixed Gear Classic. "One Gear. No Brakes. Pure Speed." reads the tag line and that, my friends, aint no joke. We saw a handful of races. Including but not limited to the women's Chariot Final, Team Pursuit, 12K Scratch Final and the Men's 1 Mile Sprint, Team Sprint, and the Keirin Final. The final race of the day-the 20K Madison-started out being "paced" by a motorcycle and consisted of two man teams that that tagged in and-out so to speak-of the race. This method of propelling each other forward is referred to as the "hand sling." I only know this because the announcer would broadcast rules over the P.A. system. Sometimes it seemed like he wasn't only educating the crowd, but reminding the racers as well. We had a good laugh at that. I won't even try to explain the different types of races because, admittedly, neither of us fully understood them. One thing I do know for sure is that these folks are racing machines. And while neither of us will be wearing spandex anytime soon, we both have a new found respect for these athletes.

We had a laugh at the expense of the gal that was pacing the Madison race because she seemed so unsure of herself on the motorcycle. Quite frankly, she looked a little dangerous on that thing; narrowly missing a "pedestrian" when she exited the track.

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