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August is here...or it will be tomorrow. August, AKA International Canned Beer Month!!!!! Back Alley Gallery's annual canned beer art show opens on Friday. This year we've switched it up a bit. Were totally gnoming crazy with this one. Get ready for it...wait for it.....aaaaaaaaand....BANG!!!

Sword and Gnome Show!!! in your face.
Q. What do swords and gnomes have to do with each other, and more importantly, what do they have to do with canned beer?

A. Your mom.

Q. Seriously though, what the hell are you talking about?

A. International Canned Beer Month Kick-off Party.

Sword and Gnome Show
Back Alley Gallery
262 East 4th Street
Lowertown St. Paul, MN

Opening reception (and canned beer drinking party)-Friday night, August 1st. 7-10pm (or later)show runs through August 17th.
Gallery hours are Sat & Sun 12-5pm

Make it happen gnomads. Its going to be phegnomenal.

Home sweet gnome. Styrognome cooler. ET phone gnome. Indiana Gnomes.

(poster by DWITT. click to make bigger...that's what she said.)

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