Independence, Yeah!

My 4th of July weekend started on Thursday night and ended on Tuesday morning sometime around 3am. I celebrated my independence from just about everything, as I mostly did nothing-save a couple shows and some bowling-but relax...and eat.

I rode to Eclipse Records in St.Pizzy to meet up with Loren G for a show on Thursday. Condominium, Question, Dead Issue, Citizens Patrol , and Life Trap. My first show at the new Eclipse location. Nice show room. Although, I can imagine it being extremely humid in that room on a hot day. The local bands, openers Condominium and Question, were the highlights. I had been wanting to see Question for a while now. Thrashy hardcore punk, with the gorgeous and always well dressed Saira (from Faggot) on vocals. (I have, for quite some years, had a crush on her. Can you tell?) Besides the locals, I was extremely impressed with the last band Life Trap, from TN. So much so in fact, that I bought their Solitary Confinement 7inch; which, by the way, is excellent.

I realized on Friday morning, that ignoring the pain in my leg and continuing to ride, I may have made the injury worse. So I decided to take a couple days off the bike and heal up. Couldn't have been a better time to do it, as I had the opportunity to spend the rest of the weekend pool and/or lakeside, taking in some glorious sun-cocktail in hand-and swimming. Most of this took place in or around the White Bear Lake/Mahtomedi area; virgin territory for this dude. Absolutely worth it though. Fuck, I love summer. Spotted at the beach was an individual with an absolutely horrendous tattoo on his chest. It said "Outlaw" and looked like it had been written in pen by the (not so steady) hand of a child. When I wasn't "tanning", I was rocking out...and eating.

Friday night, Courtney and I went to the T-Rock for the annual D4th of July show. LG was there again. The dude was...well, let's just say, we had to give him a ride home...if ya know what I mean. The place was fairly packed and of course most people were sweaty. Myself included. Dillinger Four, specifically Paddy-with a mini-American flag stuck between his bare ass cheeks-was really on fire that night. I hadn't seen a crowd that pumped for a show in a long time either. I'm sure booze had something to do with it. I pretty much had an ear to ear grin the whole time. The show was almost ruined when Paddy asked everyone to celebrate independence by lighting up smokes. I had to go all bandanna face for awhile, until the idiot smokers had gotten over it and the air cleared a bit. Man, I don't miss those days.

On Monday evening my old pal Megan and her husband Brendan came into town from NYC. The roomie Moy and I hosted, as we are won to do. We, along with my homie Emmanuel, headed to Memory Lanes for Punk Bowling Night. That night was also one of couple mini-fundraisers for Chris Johnson's wife Michelle, to raise some money for a proper memorial service. (This is a story that I have previously not mentioned on HDD; mainly because I don't know how to address it. I mean I don't personally know any of the folks affected by this, but I do see them on a regular basis and have had pleasurable interactions with a few of them. It is a tragedy that has affected the entire scene; of which I am at least a constant observer, if not a member. Since I wanted to contribute in some way, this was perfect.) So there were a bunch of bands playing too. Jen P, Tim B and recent MN re-transplant Gilbert showed up too. It was good to see all these folks, even if briefly, and expose them to a little bit of the Crust too! Cognitive Dissonance (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite local bands), Wrath, Living Hell and In Defence all played. As did another one that may have been Animals & Beasts (?). They were all excellent. To raise a little more money, In Defence got the dude (Dylan?) from Living Hell on stage and had audience participants offer up dollar bills to strip clothing off him. There was a one point, full frontal male nudity. We bowled til we couldn't bowl any more. Brendan, deciding to get his money's worth, started one final game and played every one's turn until he had to give in, completely worn out. It was quite comical. We also drank insane amounts of beer and, in turn, Megan pulled her ever-increasingly popular, pass out as soon as she gets home move.

All in all, it was a fabulous independence weekend; give or take a couple days. I made it to work a little late on Tuesday, and snuck a half hour nap in during my lunch break. As evidenced by some thee.ograpy below, I celebrated my independence of a healthy diet as well...

Dillinger Four.

In Defence (w/partially nude singer of Living Hell.)

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  1. oh man, I remember my first boyfriend gave me a D4 pin and had to explain to me how awesome they were. I was only 14 darn it, I wasn't as hip (ok nerdy) as I am now.

    and I love that this was a post of food photos. I love food.