It was fun while it lasted...

..but for the time being I'm done using the tilde bang. Truth is, I pretty much stole that from another dude anyway, and I've been using it waaaaaay too much; especially as of late. I originally started using it as a way of signifying my belonging to a group of folks that, should they stumble across Hot Dog Days!!!, would know that I was in the know....know what I mean? Yeah, probably not. Anyway, I've come to the realization that what started out as a secret tribute to said group, has gotten out of hand-and quite frankly-annoying. For all intensive purposes, I'm retiring my usage of the tilde bang. Not to worry though; there wont be too drastic a change in style. I will continue with improper application of the semi-colon, the flood gates of ellipses hell will remain open......and I will sustain a healthy dose of run-on sentence structure (obviously.) So, without further adieu...in it's proper form (proceeded by a word or words in all caps)...and to quote Shawn Michaels, seconds before he retired Ric Flair...my final tilde bang: "I love you. I'M SORRY"~!

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