It's mornings like this...

I grab the paper off the sidewalk every morning before I unlock the doors here at work. Today I had a flashback to those mornings, working at Shinder's when I would do the same thing...Something pleasantly calming about working a job like that...Riding your bike to work early, in the cool morning air...stocking shelves each day with the latest newspapers/magazines/comics/porn, whatehaveyou...listening to good music all day...conversation. Ohhhh the conversation....like that movie Clerks, but in color and with less hockey players...customers; sports card geeks, Magic the Gathering geeks, Pokemon geeks, Anime geeks, wrestling geeks...geeks, geeks, geeks...Sure it was wasting away. But not this cubical/computer/water cooler/Muzak/no windows type of wasting away...More serene...If I could corner the market, I'd open my own store; filled with action figures, my friends art, various magazines, punk rock 7 inches, hip-hop and reggae mix-tapes, DVDs and coffee counter serving veggie pizza slices, burritos and tea lattes. Yeah, we'd be real taste-makers...but not in a snobbish way, like at the Electric Fetus. Inexpensive too. I suppose I'd need to take out a loan for this.

BTW--Did anyone catch Motley Crue making the late night rounds the last couple weeks? Since when did Vince Niel join the Allman Brothers..or was that Lynard Skynard?...with that look.

PS-From what I hear, Pam and Tommy are back on. So, yes kids, rock-n-roll is still alive~!

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