"Can you see me now?!?!"

Yes Brock, we can definitely see you now.

UFC 87: Seek & Destroy~Target Center, Mpls MN~last night!

If I never see another Affliction or Tapout shirt again, I'll be a happy man. Same goes for One More Round, Cage Fighter, Full Contact Fighter or UFC shirts. Dudes definitely didn't follow the "don't wear the Steve Miller tee shirt to the Steve Miller concert" rule on this one. For chrissakes, what a bunch of clones. As Joe J exasperatedly stated "We cant possibly be the only four guyss that get it...can we?!" Apparently so Joe, apparently so. A couple of jack-asses sitting behind us were discussing how they would've scored each round after every fight. Come on now, you dipshits. You're killing my buzz! Jason "the Athlete" McDonald, GSP, Roger Huerta and Brock Lesnar were all super over with the crowd. Lots of Canadians in the house. Much to my disappointment both McDonald and Huerta lost. McDonald in an excellent jujitsu match to Damian Maia and Huerta in a great battle to Kenny Florian. Manny Gamburyan said in his pre-fight interview that he was gonna come out and knock out Rob Emerson and then go party. Instead "Manvil" came out and got knocked-the-fuck out in like 12 seconds or something. I wonder if he still went and partied? Brock Lesnar brutalized Kieth Herring with a fantastic punch to the face and followed it up with a nice football style tackle. Then just ruled him for three straight rounds. Great pro-wrestling style promo and shenanigans afterwards. Georges St. Pierre is the man! Jon Fitch hung in there but holy shit, did he take a beating. Good fight. We counted our beer consumption in ounces. Joe J and Matt drank about 216oz or so each. I think mine was only like 120. Joe P being the driver and all, came in around 72oz. Divide by 12 and you'll figure out about how many cans that would be for each of us. The following is a transcript of the series of text messages I sent my brother throughout the night...of which he said he got better information than from than he did from Sherdog.com. So there you go everybody. Ahhh...oh yeah, the texts:

1)Ken-Flo decision over Huerta in 3. Good fight. Disappointing showing by Huerta. K-Flo is good.

2)Hureta was over huge though as they announced him as fighting out of Mpls. Too bad he lost. Manny G just got knocked out in 12 seconds!

3)Brock is coming out to Motley Crew Shout at the Devil!

4)Brock decision in 3. A brutal pummeling. Pro Wrestling theatrics at the end. Lasso dance!

5)GSP decision in 5. Dominating performance. Similar to Faber vs. Pulver.

6)Just got home. What and ordeal. Joe J is a complete wreck!

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