I cant stay away

Got a minute, so here goes...I have been and will continue to drink Pepsi for the duration of CM Punk's title reign...I have to wear a lanyard at my new job. I will remind everyone that lanyards are the fanny pack of the 90's. It's now 2008 people! Not cool. Oh well, I can handle it. If anyone can make a lanyard look good, it will be me...The Olympics were bomb dizzle...do people still say bomb dizzle? I don't believe-that until just now- that I've said bomb dizzle is quite some time...Looking forward to the new 90210. With One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and now 90210, the CWs got a lock down on this shit...As of last weekend, Lance is officially a state BMX champion! Not sure on the details yet. When I know, you'll know...The actor that I spotted at the Seward Cafe was Mark Webber. I instantly recognized him from Bomb The System. Later, after a little research, I realized he was the kid from Storytelling and others too. Makes sense that it was him, as he is from Mpls and was in town for this. Interview here. I nodded to him as if to say "Yeah, I recognize you, Mr. Famous. Now don't blow my cover." He nodded back as if to say "From one famous guy to another, I wouldn't even think of it." I must admit, he looked like hell...Speaking of hell, I gotta get the hell outta here...Don't get used to it, I'm not necessarily back just yet...

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