Sun Kist

Randumb Thizzoughts...Summer aint no bummer...the Dome Dog aint as good as it looks...I never would have thought to put mayo and cheese on corn. I aint mad at it though. It's damn good...I just used 'aint' in 3 out of 4 of the last sentences. That probably makes me sound really stupid..."Yes, those are maggots."...Ice cream trucks rule...Do they owe us a living? Of course they do, of course they do, of course they fuckin' do!...Speaking of...I got a new job. I finally got a job in rock-n-roll...or the education of rock-n-roll, that is...but rock-n-roll nonetheless. My boss has huge spacers in his ears and a "cant help but stare at it" style lip-ring. The owner was in Slave Raider. It's still corporate America but the kind of corporate America where I can wear jeans and sneakers. Lot to learn though. Blog may go on hiatus while I figure this shit out. I can hear you all crying now, I know. Best part is, I can ride my bike to work! Worst case scenario, I take the bus. Goodbye to sitting in traffic. Goodbye gas prices. Goodbye car insurance. Sssshhhh, keep that last part quiet...UFC at the Target Center tomorrow night. Matt, Joe P, Joe J and I will be there. I predict Georges St. Pierre, Brock Lesnar and Roger Huerta all get victories. I could care less if Brock wins or loses. However, Brock winning will be good for business, as they can create a star in the heavyweight division, where there is currently a shortage. I'll be disappointed if GSP and Huerta don't win, but less so if they have good fights. Meeting up with my awesome friend Schindeldecker today after work. Hopefully I can talk her into going to the weigh-ins. I'm thinking muscular dudes stripping down to their underwear might convince her...Did I mention the Dome Dog isn't as good as it looks?...

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