Gigantic pile of puke at the bus stop this morning; the discarded remnants of chicken wings nearby. I imagine an extremely intoxicated individual waiting for the bus, all the whilst slamming down some hot wings, uncontrollably lets it go, projectile style. I'll spare you the color detail, but lets just say it looked like a rainbow...a puke rainbow.

It reminded me of one (of many) of my more famous chunk-blowing incidents. Bemidji Water Carnival on the 4th of July, sometime in the late 90's. Hartmann and I walk up to a couple of chicks; one of which I had a slight crush on and because I had liquid courage, was planning to chat up a bit. As soon as I open my mouth to say hi to her, it's like someone turned on a fire hose. Trust me, I'm not exaggerating when I say I only got the h part of "Hi" out of my mouth before I unleashed a mountain-sized pile of puke at her feet, splattering her shoes. Hartmann busts out laughing and is like "Are you alright?" but really not concerned, as the humour of it all is just too much. The girl had a pretty disgusted look on her face, understandably. With tears in my eyes, (from puking) I delivered the most sincere apology of my entire life. Then, deciding to cut my losses, I turned the other way and busted out...or actually, probably just went back to the beer tent.

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