"This is for the strippers...

...and the fans of the Clippers, 'cause life aint easy for ya'll.".....except that you live in CALIFORNIA!

I guess livin' in Cali doesn't necessarily mean life is easy, but it sure feels like it when you're vacationing here. After a fairly effortless 5 hours of traveling, highlighted by a extremely flamboyant gay flight attendant, doing a stand-up routine on the plane, I landed at LAX. Dan picked me up and we immediately headed off, cracking jokes and acting like it had only been a few hours since we had last seen each other. It has been only a few months, but for the last 8 or 9 years, I've only seen my ex-roomie and great friend once a year. And that's only for a couple of hours each time. So I'm looking forward to spending a week hanging out with him.

That little machine up in the left-hand corner of the windshield is a GPS system. Dan calls her Carmen, and I can tell you firsthand , she is fabulous.

Carmen led us, flawlessly I might add, to our first destination; Echo Park.
I wanted to check out the TV Books show at Hope Gallery.
Unfortunately it was too early in the day, and therefore Hope was closed. I took a peak in the window though. Looks just like it does on the Teenage Teardrops blog, but a lot smaller. Like way smaller than the B.A.G. back home. At least they have a store-front though. Not in a basement, like us.

I'm just gonna take a guess here that Echo Park is like a total hipster place. I mean no offense, but come on; they have a store right next to the gallery called Han Cholo. And in the window, are mannequins with freaking bandannas on there faces. Plus the coffee shop on the corner was overflowing with what Dan referred to as "hippies."
Then we headed towards Hollywood.

This pic above is for J-Sho and Courtney.

We had our first two slices of the day at a place that boasted being the oldest pizza joint on the Blvd. I'm not much for touristy stuff but I knew there was one star I had to see. We asked some dude at a counter in some place if knew where we could find said star. Much to our delight, he knew exactly where it was. "Just outside, on the end of the block. A few more steps and bam!

Hollywood is fucking covered in advertisements. Like everywhere, and huge! I say this like I'm surprised.

Yeah, you know we'll be watching the fight.
Two of my faves.

This is some giant, historic theater where they have some giant historic award show every year that I hate. The award show that is; not the theater.

Having seen enough of fancy shit, we decided to head out. But before we could go, we had to get our parking validated so....

What, don't judge us; that other slice was puny. Then it was off to Amoeba, where I had planned to drop a dime on 'em.

I know this picture is blurry, but hell, that's how I felt in there. So much stuff! After an hour or so Dan was gettin' restless so we cut it short. I bought used copies of Brother Reade-Rap Music (from which the title of this post, comes) and Snapcase-Lookinglasself. I also picked up Billy Childish and the Singin' Loins-At the Bridge, which I've wanted to get forever.

We drove around some more. Hollywood Blvd, Sunset, Melrose and Fairfax. I think I was only recognized a handful of times. Didn't have to sign any autographs though. Chicken wings for dinner. Pile on an 18 pack of silver bullets and call it a night.

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