Back in the Sadle Again.

Or the truck, I should say. You gotta drive everywhere out here, man. Carmen where you gonna take us today?

We checked out Newport Beach. You know I had to see where my beloved OC was supposed to have taken place, right.

I didn't see Seth or Summer, but I did get to check out some really cool vegetation. Dan says these wicked ass blue and orange flowers are called Birds of Paradise. Pretty rad, if you ask me.

Newport aint for either of us, so we drove up the coast to Surf City, Huntington Beach. We got there a little before sundown.

I am lovin' California right now! I could have watched the surfers and the waves all night. Love it. We had some happy hour beers in a bar right on the beach. Both Tank Abbot and Denise Rodman were in there. We were trying to figure out if they were aware this or even if they knew each other. Neither of us could remember if they were in WCW at the same time either. Tank was fat and looked like a regular dude. A regular dude that could knock you the fuck out. Rodman was wearing one of those ridiculous Affliction shirts and a trucker hat. He was with some chick the could have been Linda Hogan, but I don't want to start any rumours. Muscles texted us and said we should tell Rodman "You're a Jabroni. Get out of my ring." A reference only a few would get.
Then it was back home for some rasslin' on the big screen and BBQ. Ahhhh cooking with Dan. I have forgotten what a pleasure it is to watch the man in action. "I think we need more butter."

Humongous t-bone steaks! We stepped up our game and killed a 30-pack tonight. Time for the jacuzzi. I might be sleeping in tomorrow.

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