hit it or quit it

Dude, the bike is killing me. Just had the pedals replaced two weeks ago. Last night, on the way home, I loose a bolt and my fucking crank arm falls off. This results in yet another one-legged bike ride; this time on the right side and about twice the distance. So anyway I had to take the bus today cause all the tires on my other bikes are flat. A dude comes walking up to the stop, puffing some reef just a few minutes before the bus gets there. Like, you can see the bus two block away. Someone smoking ganj at a bus stop is nothing out of the ordinary, but this guy was dressed in full-on downtown business attire; trench coat, briefcase and all. And he was slamming the hell out of his spliff, trying to get in all down before the bus pulled up. I was praying to gawd that he wouldn't offer me any, because then I'd look like a puss. I absolutely cannot get stoned before I go to work. Not like the old days. That shit would be a complete train wreck for me now. He didn't offer any up, so I was saved some embarrassment. Dude reeked like a skunk on the bus too. I wonder where he works? His stop was on the Nicollet Mall, where all the other business types get off. I am reminded of the first time I ever smoked hash. It was at work...by mistake, I should add. That's a whole different story altogether. Let's just say I was the unknowing victim of "a social experiment." Holy shit, making tacos and burritos was not working for me that night. One of the guys involved in said experiment took a look in my face and said "Dude, we gotta get you outta here before we all get fired." And I'm thinking to myself "...Or before I FREAK THE FUCK OUT!" I called Hartmann and Clint to come pick me up. They were laughing at me when they arrived. I was sitting on the back steps, out behind the kitchen, with my head in my hands. That wasn't the last time I got high before or during work, but it probably should have been. However, there is no way I could even imagine being high at work these days. Holding a "real job" down is mind-altering enough as is.

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