"Get after it."

Dan has been saying that several times a day since I've been here. Now I've started to as well. "See that bag of chips? Let's get after it." Today we went to Tommy Pastrami's to pick up some sandwiches. When we got back to Dan's place, I realized they gave me the wrong order. Instead of a pastrami on french, I got two corned beefs on rye. Nice! You know I had to get after it. Went back to Amoeba Records again tonight. I really got after it. Spent a couple hours in there this time. Picked up Chain of Strength-One Thing That Still Holds True, Mick Harris-Head Nod Sessions and a used Repo Man DVD....finally! Motley Crue was playing at the Palladium and I drove by just as they opened the doors. Man I would've loved to get after that one. Too expensive though. Duane Peters is in Anaheim as well but I couldn't get after that one either because I had Dan's truck and I had to pick him up from work. Shit man, you can't get after everything. Tomorrow were getting after some hot dogs at Sam's Club. Don't ask me; that's his thing. But apparently these hot dogs are really good and dirt cheap. We'll be watching the fight tomorrow night. Get after it Randy!

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