Last night I hung out with Dan Gladden, Pauly Bleeker and Juno, the lead singer of AC/DC, Flavor Flav and New York, Pinocchio, the cast of Wizard of Oz, the senior chicks from Dazed and Confused, Sara Palin, a chick that is Making Recycling Sexy Again, a Greek goddess, a gladiator and a Jehovah's Witness. The good doctor loves Halloween.

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  1. You have totally rocked my world this week. Beasties, that shit is fantastic!!! The Hallows evening had an excellent turn out- Becks found the perfect nose, Tony and Linds were adorable as usual and whatever is in the good doctors pants seems to be working. I have some bragging of my own to do, we had 672 trick or treaters and candy for everyone of them. The GR kids did not "F" around this year!